February 15, 2011

Signs of Spring

This past week we had our first late winter/spring blooms appear! Spring is my favorite time of year in Raleigh, and these 70 degree temperatures have been making me itch to get out in the garden.

The Mahonia was the first to show signs of color. With a couple more weeks of warm weather, it will be in full bloom and fragrant with a sweet scent that makes this one of Brian's favorite plants. I love its great scent and hardiness also, but always remember that it is invasive in our area when I'm pulling Mahonia sprouts in the fall.

The Winter Jasmine blooming made me the most excited about spring. It always seems to be the first thing to bloom when we get these late-winter warm spells.

The Daphne has been showing its bright pink buds for over a month. They look like they are about to pop open! This is another great fragrant shrub and was our first addition to our garden, as we received it as a housewarming present from a friend.

Other happenings in the garden this week include:
  • The first Crocus flower to appear, I wish I had written down the name of this variety 
  • Signs of early Tulips pushing through the mulch
  • The beautiful black winter color of 'Heart-Attack' Dianthus, which will soon fade to a deep green with new spring growth, and flush with blood-red flowers in April.

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