March 15, 2011

March Bloom Day

I just couldn't resist posting for the March Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, sponsored by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. This is the 'Crimson Candles' Camellia japonica, in various stages of bud and bloom.


Not having much free time to blog at the moment, I put together a quick collage of happenings in the garden today... some blooms and some buds about to bloom.

From top left: 
'Marley' Violas, 'Quinault' Strawberries, Hyacinth (forgot the variety!)
 'HGC Joseph Lemper' Hellebores, 'Spring Boquet' Viburnum, Mazus reptans
Tulips (another unknown variety), 'Winter Hazel' Corylopsis, 'Reeves' Spirea

"Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life."  ~Rachel Carson


  1. Your blooms are lovely. It is so nice to see the vibernums starting to push out buds. We're not there yet in the northeast but its exciting that spring is knocking at the back door! Happy GBBD!

  2. I miło to oglądać. Pozdrawiam

  3. Camellias are one of the reasons I love living in the south. Yours are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your blooms a gorgeous! We're still dreaming of blooms in our gardens. But I do have a beauty in my window for GBBD.

  5. Beautiful blooms here in NC..we are still waiting up North

  6. Thanks for stopping by Lisa, those camelias...sigh. So beautiful, and still at least a long time away here. We are a late spring this year.

    Blogging is addictitve, and wonderful, and time consuming. But you will find ways to fit it in each day. I've been at this almost 3 years now, and I love it.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. Flowers are beautiful at any stage... buds, and even overstayed flowers.


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