March 1, 2012

Crocus for Early Spring Color

Crocus are a reliable early spring blooming blub for our area that is usually the first to bloom in our garden. We have the tiny bulbs scattered throughout the garden in bunches: some in the far back amongst the roots of a big tulip poplar, among the perennials in the border, and even a few under a tree in our front yard.

We have several varieties in the garden, but only one that is bold colored and vigorous enough to form a patch big enough to be seen from our back windows. This is the star of the show, Crocus tommasinianus 'Ruby Giant'. This variety is super care free, cheap to buy, and will grow almost anywhere! Id recommend this Crocus variety for anyone looking for an early spring show.


  1. So pretty! Very natural looking setting with the tree and leaves all around.

  2. Long time no hear. Welcome back.

  3. The purples are so lovely and I like how they are so natural looking around the tree. Happy almost spring!


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