March 14, 2012

Landscaping Makes "Cents"

On the fence about your landscaping? Check out this article from a local garden center on how landscaping can increase your resale value and tips to keep it up:

Our Front Landscape


  1. What a handsome looking front yard you have here. With the right information and proper application, any lawn can look really attractive and healthy. Being in the lawn maintenance Phoenix industry, it is nice to see a post like yours and thanks for sharing this link that can be helpful to others.

  2. When it comes to landscaping, I follow the rule 'less is more.' To do this, I carefully select the decorative items I will use. I also make sure each item is strategically placed to achieve the best visual result. Your front landscape actually looks nice. I like the choice of plants outside the wide window. The different shades of green are also very refreshing to the eyes.

    Shona Martinez


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