April 9, 2012

Early Spring in the Perennial Border

Spring is here. The leaves are out, the flowers are blooming, and the birds and bees are stirring in the garden. The Perennial border is finally filling in with color after the long months of bare mulch and branches.

 This time of year the plants are leaping towards the sun, putting on inches of foliage by the day, or bursting into bud overnight. Two of my favorite standouts for early spring border blooms are the 'Wine and Roses' Wigelia (left), and the 'Carolina Moonlight' Baptisia (right).

These beauties are also favorite spots for the bumblebees that have recently returned to the garden. Its great to see all the familiar faces of spring back once again!


  1. The wigelia really is a standout. Very nice!

  2. Baptisia is one of my favorite spring blooms! You are right...things are growing leaps and bounds everyday!

  3. I adore baptisia and weigela too...ours are not even showing with our cold wave...they are waiting for warmth..

  4. It is truly amazing how fast the plants jump up to greet spring and the warmer weather. I think they are as anxious as we!


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