April 3, 2012

Hail Storm

A couple nights ago, the garden got bombed by mother nature.

Luckily, the only real casualty was 1 newly bought tomato plant that lost its top... everything else will grow back quickly with the spring warmth. The storm came unexpectedly on an otherwise calm weekend night, just after midnight. We were just falling asleep when we heard the rain start and had enough sense to pull the seedlings undercover, but everything else was stuck outside with the near-marble sized hail. Hopefully this will be the last of these events this spring!


  1. Przyroda robi nam czasami przykrość i nic na to nie poradzimy. Mam nadzieję, ze uszkodzone rośliny będą dalej rosły. Pozdrawiam.*** Nature does sometimes hurt us and I can not help it. I hope that damaged plants will continue to rise. Yours.

  2. Holy smokes that is scary for spring growth...good to hear it was not too bad!


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